Friday, May 29, 2009

What's Worth Reading 

Are you interested in the topic of interest groups and American politics, both from a theoretical and practical level? Robert C. Lieberman of Columbia University writes in Foreign Affairs an abbreviated, annotated syllabus of major readings designed to bring you up to speed. It is worth collecting, particularly if you are an undergrad or grad student who is looking for a short cut to comprehensive examinations.

While it is a decent list, there are a couple of readings that are missing--readings that I think make an important contribution to the research on interest group theory, American politics, and, from Foreign Affairs standpoint, the making of American foreign policy:

This is a selection of my favorites, and it certainly does not include the comprehensive list. These are important works that I felt were left out of the collection listed byLieberman. Feel free to add on to his and my list!


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