Listserv Assignment #1

Due 19 September 1996

What one or two ideas about government given in the readings for 19 Sept. impressed you as interesting or valuable, and why?

Listserv Assignment #2

Due 26 September:

List three of the ways, according to Mary Wollstonecraft, that women differ from men, telling us her explanation as to why they differ. Do you agree or disagree?

One thing you might consider here is the Gender Divide as it has been explained by Anne Snitow. In feminism, there is a divide between

maximizers minimizers
essentialists social constructionists
difference feminists equality feminists

On which side of the divide is Wollstonecraft? (Snitow will help you figure this out if you read the whole excerpt from her essay on the Gender Divide, available by clicking here.)

Listserv Assignment #3

Due 3 October:

Describe the effects that sentimental descriptions of the plight of slaves have on readers: how do they affect you? does this kind of art promote action or inaction? Why?

Listserv Assignment #4

Due 17 October:

Listserv Assignment #5

Due 24 October:

Listserv Assignment #6

Due 31 October:

List two or three of the claims that Joanna Baillie makes about what good art looks like or how it works. Do you agree?

Listserv Assignment #7

Due 7 November:

According to Wordsworth's The Prelude, how does imagination work? How are imaginative writers connected to political events? Do you agree with Wordsworth?

Listserv Assignment #8

Due 12 November:

Pick out one or two of the poems you read for today's class: what do you like about it? dislike? find interesting?

Listserv Assignment #9

Due 21 November:

Listserv Assignment #10

Due 5 December: