Psy 221A: Introductory Social Psychology

Prof. Allen McConnell • Spring Semester 2011


The Final Exam is now graded, and the average was a 263/350 (75%) -- there was 1 perfect final exam (congratulations!).
Looking at the final course grades, there were 16 As, 35 Bs, 38 Cs, 20 Ds, and 5 Fs. When looking at the grades, I also examined the number of times students consulted with Tonya about their exams. Unfortunately, only 5 of the 25 students who got Ds or Fs ever met with her to review their exams. Although I understand that some people did visit with her (and me) and made a real effort to improve, but the majority of students who got Ds and Fs did not.

Congratulations to the students who did well (e.g., over 50 students got As or Bs)! Overall, I was very impressed the with number and quality of questions asked in our class this semester -- this was the most lively Psy 221 course I've ever taught at Miami -- thanks for making it a great semester!
As noted previously, the grades reflect your adjusted total points (i.e., replacing your lowest score on Exams 1-3 with the average of your lowest and highest exam grades).
If you'd like to take part in a brief, on-line survey regarding people's perceptions of "ideal professions," please click here.
Good luck with your remaining exams and have a great summer!

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