Psy 420: Advanced Social Seminar: Judgment and Decision Making

Prof. Allen McConnell -- Spring Semester 2009


Final grades are posted below. Thanks for a great semester -- have a wonderful summer!
There were 5 perfect final exams (the mean score was 188/200). In terms of overall grades, there were 11 As, 6 Bs, 1 C, and 1 D in the class.
There was a typo in the syllabus stating that papers were worth 150 points (they were graded on a 100 point scale as returned to you and they have ALWAYS been presented in grade reports as based on 100 points). Thus, the total number of points in class is 1150, not 1250. The final grades will be based on percentages (e.g., 92.5% and up is an A, 89.5% to 92.5% is an A-, etc.). The grades presented on-line and returned to students HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CORRECT (and no one ever asked about it). Sorry for any confusion.

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