Dorm Check-in

Check-in at the dorms will begin Monday, May 28 at 3pm at Etheridge Hall. If you arrive at any time between then and 1:30am Tuesday, there will be someone at Etheridge Hall to check you in; if you arrive after 1:30am Tuesday, please call 513-330-1717. Parking passes will be provided at check-in for those who need them.

All dorms include one set of sheets, pillow, blanket, towel, and washcloth per resident.

If you opted to stay at the dorms and you are taking a shuttle from the airport, the driver will bring you directly to Etheridge Hall. For those driving themselves, the address is 601 Maple Street, Oxford, OH 45056.



If you are being picked up by one of our shuttles at the Cincinnati or Dayton airport look for someone at the baggage claim holding a "GPOTS" sign. Both airports are rather small, so don't worry about getting lost.

Unless you've been personally notified, the pickup location for all shuttles to the airport will be at the benches in the Bachelor Hall parking lot.

Other transportation

If you are arranging your own transportation from / to the airport, some local taxi companies are listed below.

  • College Cabs and Town Taxi are taxi services operating out of Oxford which offer airport rides for around $70.
  • Uber and Lyft both operate around Oxford and offer rides to and from the airport for between $50 and $100.
  • If you'd like to rent a car, Enterprise has a location in Oxford to pick up or drop off at.


Conference location

All talks will be held in either Shideler Hall or Bachelor Hall (on the southwest and southeast corners, respectively, of Patterson Ave. and 73), at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. A campus map is available here (note that north points to the right in this map). In the map, Shideler and Bachelor are items 125 and 10, respectively.

Restaurants, bars, and shops

Most of Oxford's restaurants, bars, and shops are located on High street in the uptown area northwest of campus. You can find a list of recommended restaurants here.


The banquet will be held at Peffer Park on Thursday, May 31. The festivities will begin at 5pm (with food being served starting at 5:30pm). The food will be provided by Eli's Barbecue, and will include
  • Pulled pork
  • Smoked turkey breast
  • Mac n' cheese
  • Baked beans
  • Cole slaw
If you are attending the banquet, please give your $15 to one of the organizers at some point during the week.

Soccer game

A soccer game will be held at Cook field from 2:30 to 4 on Thursday. Make sure to brush up on your soccer skills before then!

Oxford Hotels

There are several hotels in Oxford, including

All are within walking distance of at most 20 minutes from the conference site. We may not be able to reimburse all hotel costs, but we expect to be able to cover $46 / night (the cost of a dorm).

In addition to these hotels, some rooms are available at Hueston Woods Lodge. Please be aware, however, that Hueston Woods is about 15 minutes from the conference location, by car.