Literature Searches for the IACUC Application at Miami University

This page, especially the guide below, provides and overview and advice on conducting the required literature searches for the IACUC application at Miami.


Kevin Messner, Brill Science Library Biology Librarian, is available by appointment to discuss literature search strategies and procedures for the IACUC application process. Email with any questions or to set up a meeting.


Conducting the IACUC Application Literature Searches (Word document)

Further Resources

MeSH Browser

MEDLINE/PubMed is often the most useful database for laboratory-based research. Papers in PubMed are categorized according to a number of subject headings, called Medical Subject Headings. These subject terms form a heirarchical system of terms called MeSH. While not all subjects are well-described in MeSH (much basic biology is not -- the focus is on health sciences), searching by MeSH terms can be very useful in some instances. The MeSH browser can help you find subject heading terms for a a topic of interest. (Example: type in "mad cow" and see what subject heading it comes back with -- if your work were related to mad cow disease you'd want to search with the MeSH term.)

(Some other databases use subject heading systems, including AGRICOLA and BIOSIS. Candidly, I have generally found these to be less than useful.)


The links below are other sites that I have come across in the course of IACUC work and have found useful. For example, some of them include lists of keywords that may help you think of the kinds of topics you should include in your searches.

I can make no guarantees as to the currency, accuracy, or continued existence of any of the pages below; however I always appreciate being informed if any of the pages below have disappeared or seem unhelpful, or if you find something useful that is not on this list (