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The Enemies

BOWSER - Mario's arch nemesis, and leader of the Koopas. Always attacking Mushroomland, whether he intends to conquer or simply destroy is undetermined. When he is not doing that, he invariably kidnaps the princess and holds her ransom. He is the mastermind behind most of Mario's troubles. BLOOPER - A seemingly harmless underwater creature. They are not the most powerful, numerous, or smart. They are, unfortunately, the most persistent, and possess incomparable tracking capabilities. You have to outrun them, else they will follow you indefinitely.
GOOMBA - Bowser's primary henchmen, goombas are everywhere. Fearless, numerous, and portraying little or no intelligence, they patrol Bowser's lands. Though not formidable themselves, they do limit the options of our hero at almost any given moment through their mere presence. BOB OMB - A kamikaze threat if there ever was one. Even after he is rendered immobile, there's still a good chance he will cause damage with a sort of post-mortem explosion. If you're clever, you can toss them into the enemy ranks before the impending blast.
HAMMER BROTHER - These are the highly trained, elite warriors of Bowser's ranks. Physically superior to most other minions, they are equipped with armor and hammers. They can, in some cases, throw these hammers at an arc. Approach with caution. BULLET BILL - Yet another munition-turned-menace, Bullet Bill is essentially living cannon ammo. While easily evaded alone, there are frequently several of them firing together and even a few that can redirect themselves mid-flight.
BOO - A figure which haunts many areas Mario must travel through. Remarkably shy, will usually cover its face and cease moving if Mario faces it. A peculiar ghost, there is no way to defeat it, not even a fireballs can bring these aimless phantoms down. Just avoid them. BIRDO - As if evil lacked in artillery, Birdo, too, can launch things from a distance. Eggs and fireballs are among said "things". One useful point, however, is that Mario can return fire if he can successfully grab one of the flying eggs.

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Last modified: March 13th, 2009