Homepage of Patrick Reynolds

Office 228 BAC
Phone 529.2996
Email reynolpr
Mailing Address Department of Mathematics
Miami University
123 Bachelor Hall
301 S. Patterson Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056

Teaching, Fall 2014

MTH 151 MTH 491/591

Research interests

My primary area of research is geometric group theory.


  1. On indecomposable trees in the boundary of Outer space
  2. Dynamics of irreducible endomorphisms of F_n
  3. Indecomposable trees and minimal laminations, with T. Coulbois and A. Hilion
  4. Reducing systems for very small trees
  5. The boundary of the complex of free factors, with M. Bestvina
  6. Constructing non-uniquely ergodic arational trees, with B. Mann