Quantum Information Sciences Group

Dept. of Physics, Miami University, Oxford OH 45056

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  • Group Members
    Samir Bali
    James Clemens
    A. J. Hachtel

    Perry Rice
    Doug Marcum (emeritus)
    Phil Macklin (emeritus)
    Atom Trapping
  • Black Hole Thermodynamics
  • Cavity and Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics
  • Cavity Optomechanics
  • Nonequilibrium Quantum Statistical Mechanics
  • Optical Lattices
  • Optical Sensors
  • Quantum Computing and Error Correction

Paul Alsing, AFRL
Howard Carmichael, U. Auckland
Luis Orozco, U.
Maryland/Joint Quantum Institute
Leno Pedrotti, U. Dayton
Deniz Yavuz, U. Wisconson
Node in SW Quantum Information Technology Network
Member, Midwest Cold Atom Workshop

   CONGRATULATIONS TO LIGO!!! Gravitational Waves!!!
The sound
The announcement
Impact of Quantum Optics- Chad Orzel

  • Kaleb Campbell, Lyndon Cayayan, Ethan Clements will be presenting at the SQuInT meeting at U. New Mexico in February.
  • The group has recently joined the Southwestern Quantum Information Technology Network (SQuInT) - a consortium of universities, national labs, and industry.
  • Alumni Jeremy Clark (NIST Boulder) is first author on - Observation of Strong Radiation Pressure Forces from Squeezed Light on a Mechanical Oscillator - Arxiv version
  • Alumni Jeff Hyde (Arizona St.) publishes - Sensitivity of gravitational waves from preheating to a scalar field's interactions - Phys. Rev. D 92, 044026 (2015) or Arxiv version
  • Alumni Richard Rogers (U. Oregon), Nick Cummings (NASA), Leno Pedrotti (U. Dayton) and P. Rice - Atom-Field Entanglement in Cavity QED: Nonlinearity and Saturation -Arxiv version