Richard C. Sherman, Ph.D.

Miami University
Department of Psychology

Professor Emeritus

[RS Photo]Richard C. Sherman joined the Department in 1970 and retired in 2000. He continues his involvement with the Department as webmaster for PsyberSite, a portal for student-created World Wide Web tutorials on a variety of topics in Social Psychology. During his career his numerous scholarly works appeared in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, Memory & Cognition, Multivariate Behavioral Research, Child Development,  Environment and Behavior, CyberPsychology & BehaviorComputers in Human BehaviorJournal of Excellence in College Teaching, and Teaching of Psychology. His research interests focused on social cognition, and also on social psychological issues pertaining to environmental psychology and to internet technology. In the area of social cognition his work concerned factors influencing the organization and accuracy of memory for social information, and the role of memory in social judgments and behavior.  His research examined how interpretations of the causes of social events influence memory for causally relevant information, and how people construct causal explanations for social events and for their own behavior.  His most recent direction of research focused on gender differences in response to internet technology and processes underlying online self-presentation.

Dr. Sherman was also an active leader and pioneer in the integration of internet technology and teaching.  His philosophy was to employ the internet to enhance active and collaborative student-centered learning, as illustrated by his courses in Advanced Social PsychologyThe Social Psychology of Cyberspace, Cyberspace & Social Psychology, and Issues in Environmental Psychology.  Many student-centered projects are still available on PsyberSite and are being used as teaching resources around the world

He currently publishes the occasional blog, SNOW CRASH which deals with a variety of social, personal, and professional topics.

He can be contacted at the email address below.

Campus Address: Department of Psychology, Miami University, Oxford OH  45056 Phone: (513) 529-2400

Representative Publications:

Dietz-Uhler, B. & Sherman, R. C. (2003). Using the Internet to aid the research process. In R. Sternberg The psychologists companion: A guide to scientific writing for students and researchers (4th ed.). Cambridge University Press.

Donn, Jessica E. & Sherman, R.C. (2002). Attitudes and Practices Regarding the Formation of Romantic Relationships on the Internet. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 2, 107-123.

Sherman, R.C. (2001).  The Mind's Eye in Cyberspace:  Online Perceptions of Self and Others.   In G. Riva & C. Galimberti (Eds.), Towards Cyberspsychology:  Mind, Cognition, and Society in the Internet Age.  Washington, D.C., IOS Press.

Sherman, R.C., End,  C.,  Kraan, E., Cole, A., Campbell, J., Klausner, J. &  Birchmeier,   Z. (2001).  Meta-perception in Cyberspace.  CyberPsychology & Behavior, 4(1), 123-129.

Sherman, R.C., End,  C.,  Kraan, E., Cole, A., Campbell, J., Birchmeier,   Z., & Klausner, J. (2000).  The Internet Gender Gap among College Students: Forgotten but Not Gone? CyberPsychology & Behavior, 3(5), 885-894.

Sherman, R.C.,  Buddie, A.M.,  Dragan, K.L., End, C.M., & Finney, L.J. (1999). Twenty Years of PSPB: Trends in Content, Design & Analysis. Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, 25 177-187.

Coleman, L.H., Paternite, C. E., & Sherman, R.C. (1999).  A reexamination of deindividuation in synchronous computer-mediated communicationComputers in Human Behavior, 15, 51-65.

Wolfe, C.R., Crider, L., Mayer, L., McBride, M., Sherman, R.C., & Vogel, R. (1998).  Toward a "Miami Model" of internet-intensive higher educationJournal of Excellence in College Teaching, 9, 29-50.

Sherman, R.C. (1998).  Using the World Wide Web to teach applications of Social Psychology to everyday lifeTeaching of Psychology, 25, 212-216.

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