Toward a "Miami Model" of Internet-Intensive Higher Education

Christopher R. Wolfe, Linda Crider, Larry Mayer, Mark McBride,
Richard C. Sherman, & Robert Vogel

Journal of Excellence in College Teaching, 1998, 9, 29-50

Miami University


        Four cornerstones of an emerging "Miami Model" for internet-intensive education are proposed:  that students learn from creating on-line materials themselves, faculty facilitate active learning, intellectual exchanges among students are enriched, and the sensibility of the seminar is extended.  Internet-intensive undergraduate education is explored through four applications.  First, a large Environmental Geology lecture course where the internet increases student involvement.  Second, an Economics class where the internet elucidates abstract materials and promotes cooperative learning.  Third, a Psychology course where the internet supports the application of principles and curriculum integration.  Fourth, a journalism class where the internet enables an authentic journalistic experience.

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