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Dr. Shumavon has retired and no longer keeps regular office hours

For appointments

please email me or call:  x92004


Douglas H. Shumavon, Professor 
Department of Political Science 
Miami University 
email: shumavdh@muohio.edu
phone:  513/ 529-2004 
facsimile:   513/ 529-1709



This is the home page of Dr. Douglas Shumavon. 
My research areas are public administration and public policy analysis.

Last semester was my final teaching semester at Miami University. I wish to thank all who made the past 30 years a pleasant and honorable experience, particularly the wonderful students with whom I have worked.






Other Courses 

POL 261 - Introduction to Public Administration

POL 364 - Federalism

POL 406/466 - Senior Capstone

POL 460 - Administrative Discretion 

POL 467 - Government Budgeting 

POL 660 - Urban Services 

POL 661 - Pro seminar in Public Administration

POL 664 - Seminar in Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations





Department of Political Science Faculty Links


Professor Ryan Barilleaux 
Professor Clyde Brown 
Professor Adeed Dawisha 
Professor Karen Dawisha 
Professor Patrick Haney 
Professor Jeanne Hey
Professor Bryan Marshall 
Professor Laura Neack 
Professor Philip A Russo,Jr.
Professor Walter Vanderbush  








Other Informative Links 

Library of Congress
General Accounting Office
Congressional Budget Office
Other Federal Government Web Sites
Code of Federal Regulations
Ohio Office of Budget and Management
General Government Resources (MU Library)
Librarian's Index to the Internet (University of California)
Government Information Resources (University of Virginia)
University of Michigan Documents Center 




Other Important Miami University Links 

Miami University
Public Administration Major
Department of Political Science
Honors Program


Links to Professional Organizations 

American Society for Public Administration
ASPA Section on International and Comparative Administration
American Political Science Association
Local Government Information Network



Places where I've done time 

Peace Corps
Washington, District of Columbia 




Other Sites 

Local Weather
American University of Armenia
Photos from Armenia
Citizens for Civic Renwal




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