35th Annual Meeting
of the Society for Mathematical Psychology

Call for Papers
Submission deadline: May 15, 2002 (Extended)

The 35th annual meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology will be held at Miami University in Oxford OH in the Marcum Conference Center. The meetings will follow the usual format, with paper sessions over two and one-half days. We will also be considering adding a poster session, as was the case at last year's meetings.

Papers for the meetings may be submitted by regular members, student members, and non-members. Any one person may present only one paper, but may be a co-author of other papers, or may be an invited speaker or symposium participant. Papers will be limited to those in which mathematical, statistical, or simulation methods play a significant role in the development of psychological hypotheses or the interpretation of results. Purely theoretical developments should clearly relate to substantive issues or contribute to methodologies of obvious use in psychology, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, and related areas. Experimental results should bear directly on some mathematical or simulation model.

Programs of past meetings appear in the Journal of Mathematical Psychology, are available on the web at the Society's web site. All members of the society are welcome to make suggestions for symposia and invited speakers.

Contact Robin Thomas (thomasrd@muohio.edu) as soon as possible for symposium suggestions.

Papers will be accepted on the basis of their quality and suitability and not according to the author's affiliation with the Society. Presentations that bridge disciplines, treat issues of mathematical interest in the behavioral and social sciences, cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience are highly encouraged. For oral papers, presentation time will be limited to a maximum of 25 minutes including five minutes for discussion (stricter time limits may be imposed, depending on the number of submissions accepted). Sessions will be strictly timed.

As was the case in past years, we are considering adding a poster session. If there are sufficient submissions, we will do so. Poster presentations have the advantage of longer discussion time, less formality, and closer audience contact. The "status" associated with poster presentations will be equal to that associated with oral presentations.


Submissions should be prepared as ASCII text files and sent via e-mail to Robin Thomas (thomasrd@muohio.edu). Please include the following information:

  1. Title of the presentation or session
  2. Authorship: for all authors and co-authors provide
  3. Specification of which co-author will be responsible for presenting at the meeting
  4. Format preference:
    1. Only wish to present a spoken paper
    2. Prefer spoken paper, willing to give a poster
    3. No preference; either spoken or poster is fine
    4. Prefer poster, willing to give a spoken paper
    5. Only willing to present a poster
  5. Category of the presentation
    1. neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience
    2. psychophysics
    3. sensation and perception
    4. measurement and scaling
    5. information processing and performance
    6. learning and memory
    7. cognition and language
    8. categorization
    9. judgment, decision, and choice
    10. social psychology
    11. methodology and statistics
    12. teaching
    13. other (please specify)
  6. Abstract: 150-250 words

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