Zara Martirosova Torlone

  Associate Professor of Classics

Miami University of Ohio

Irvin Hall 105, Department of Classics

Oxford, Ohio 45056

(513) 529-1488 (office)




Reception of Antiquity in Russian Literature
Translation Theory

Latin Poetry: Vergil and Roman Elegy

Textual Criticism

Latin Prose under Nero

Ancient and Modern Literary Theory


Ph.D., Classics, Columbia University, 1999

Dissertation: "Eclogue and Elegy: The Intergeneric and Intertextual Dialogue between Vergil's Eclogues and Roman Love Elegy" (advisor: James E.G. Zetzel)

American Academy in Rome, Summer, 1997

M.Phil., Classics, Columbia University, 1997

M.A., Classics, Columbia University, 1994

B.A., Classical Philology, magna cum laude, Moscow University, 1990



Howe Writing Center grant for developing writing in the First Year Seminar, Miami University

Summer 2013  Faculty Research Appointment, Miami University

2012-2013      Loeb Classical Library Foundation Research Grant, Harvard University

2008-2009      Loeb Classical Library Foundation Research Grant, Harvard University

Summer 2008  Faculty Research Appointment, Miami University

2007               Faculty Research Appointment, Miami University

2001-2004     Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, Miami University

1997               New York Classical Club Scholarship for Study in Rome

1994-1996     Presidential Fellowship, Columbia University

1992-1993     Classics Scholarship, Columbia University




Vergil in Russia: National Identity and Classical Reception. Oxford University Press.  (forthcoming, June 2014)

Roman Love Poetry (co-authored with Dr. Denise McCoskey, Miami University), IB Tauris and Oxford University Press, forthcoming, December 2013).

Soul and Passion: Marina Tsvetaeva’s Classical Plays, with translation and introduction (co-authored with Dr. Maria S. Fox) (Oxford, OH: Staroe Vino, 2011)

Russia and the Classics: Poetry’s Foreign Muse. Bloomsbury (Duckworth). London, UK, 2009.

Chapters in Volumes

 “Writing Arenas: Roman Writers and Their Games” (in the peer-reviewed Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sport and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity, forthcoming, October 2013). Wiley-Blackwell.

“Joseph Brodsky’s ‘Dido and Aeneas’: Gender, Genre, and Reception” (in the peer-reviewed volume Emotion, Gender, and Literary Genre in Antiquity) Bloomsbury, London, 2011: 241-260.

“The Tale of Two Cities: Ancient Rome and St. Petersburg of Osip Mandelshtam”  (in the peer-reviewed volume Preserving Petersburg: History, Tradition, Memory, and Loss) Indiana University Press 2008: 88-114. 


Edited Volumes

Classical Reception in Eastern Europe. Classical Receptions Journal: Oxford Journals.   forthcoming, November 2013.

Insiders and Outsiders in Russian Cinema (collection of essays, co-edited with Dr. Stephen Norris of Miami University). Indiana University Press 2008.


Encyclopedia Entries

The Virgil Encyclopedia, entries on Viacheslav Ivanov, Vasilii Petrov, Vladimir Solov’ev, Joseph Brodsky. Wiley-Blackwell (forthcoming, 2013)


“The Missing Link: Classical Reception in the ‘Younger’ Europe,” Classical Receptions Journal. November, 2013.

“Russian Meliboeus: Joseph Brodsky in Arcadia, ” Classical Receptions Journal. November, 2013.

“Vasilii Petrov and the First Russian Translation of the Aeneid,” Classical Receptions Journal vol. 3 no. 2,  (2011): pp 227- 247.

“Viacheslav Ivanov’s Vergils Historiosophie: Translation, Background, and Commentary” (co-authored with Dr. John M. Jeep, Miami University).  Toronto Slavic Quarterly 27, 2009. Academic Electronic Journal of the University of Toronto

“The Joy of Exile: Ovid and Russian Poets” (Genre: A Thematic Journal for Comparative Literature and Classics, the interdisciplinary journal of California State University, Long Beach. January, 2009): 1-26.

“The Olympic Victor List in Eusebius’ Chronika: Background, Text, and Translation,” coauthored with Dr. Paul Christesen of Dartmouth College (Traditio: Studies in Ancient and Medieval Thought, History, and Religion 61: 33-91, January 2007).

“Classical Myth in Three Poems of Joseph Brodsky” (Classical and Modern Literature 23/1 2003: 95-114).

“Classical Philology in Russia: Past, Present, and Future” (Classical Bulletin, 78.2. 2003: 195-206).

"Ex omnibus in unum, nec hoc nec illud: Epic Frame and Generic Juxtaposition in Petronius' Satyricon," coauthored with Dr. Paul Christesen (Materiali e Discussioni 49, 2003: 135-172).

"From Daphnis to Gallus: the Metamorphosis of a Pastoral Hero in the Eclogues" (New England Classical Journal, 29.4, 2002: 204-221).


Review of Bloomer, W. Martin. The School of Rome: Latin Studies and the origins of Liberal education (Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2012.03.19.)

Review of A Companion to Classical Receptions. Eds. Lorna Hardwick and Christopher Stray. Blackwell Publishing, 2008. (The Classical Outlook 86.1: 42-43)

Review of Maria Carducci Bolchazy (ed.) Classical Considerations: Useful Wisdom from Greece and Rome (Bryn Mawr Classical Review, August 10, 2006)

Review of Jacob E. Nyenhius, Myth and the Creative Process. Michael Ayrton and the Myth of Daedalus, the Maze Maker (Classical Outlook, 83.3. 122-123, 2006).

Review of Charles Martindale, Latin Poetry and the Judgment of Taste. An essay on Aesthetics (Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 09-10-2005)

Review of M. Gumpert, Grafting Helen. The Abduction of the Classical Past (The Classical Outlook, vol. 80, No. 3, 2003: 123-124)

Review of R.E. Meagher, The Meaning of Helen: In Search of an Ancient Icon  (The Classical Outlook, vol. 80, 2003, No. 2: 92-93)

In Progress


Blackwell-Wiley Handbook on Classical Reception in Eastern and Central Europe (editor, under contract).


In Blackwell-Wiley Handbook on Classical Reception in Eastern and Central Europe

“Vergil in Russia: An Overview”

“Classical Reception in Eastern and Central Europe: An Introduction”

“Between East and West: Classical Reception in Armenia’

Conference Papers

“Vergil In Russia: National Identity and Classical Reception,’ Ohio State University, invited lecturer.

“Russian Tityrus: Joseph Brodsky in Arcadia”, American Philological Association 2012, Seattle, WA.

“Russian Translations of the Aeneid,” by invitation of UBC, workshop Vergil’s Translators, Vancouver, September, 2012.

“Odysseus Ancient and Modern: Juxtaposition as a Pedagogical Tool”, American Philological Association (APA, 2011) San Antonio, TX.

“Russian Meliboeus: Joseph Brodsky in Arcadia,” AAASS, Los Angeles, CA, (November, 2010).

“Russian Reception of Vergil’s Aeneid: Civic Identity and the Classics” (Symposium Cumanum, Cumae, Italy, 2009)

“Vergil goes North: Aeneas’ Journey in Russian Poetry” (APA, January 2009)

“Voicing Passions: Phaedra of Euripides and Marina Tsvetaeva” (AAASS, November 2008)

“The Joy of Nostalgia: Reception of Ovid in Russian Poetry” (APA, January 2008)

“Living through the Soviet Empire” (Havighurst Colloquia, April 2007)

“Ovid and Osip Mandelshtam” (CAMWS, April 2007)

“Et in Arcadia Gallus: Eclogues and Elegy” (APA, January 2007)

“The Tale of Two Cities: Ancient Rome and St. Petersburg of Osip Mandelshtam: Rewriting Ovid’s Exile” (AAASS, November 2006).

Carmina Digna and the Art of Allusion: Theocritus, Vergil’s Ninth Eclogue and New Gallus” (CAMWS, 2006)

 “Elegiac Discourse in the Eclogues: The Meaning of Libertas in the First Eclogue” (APA 2005)

Frater Adempte Mihi: Catullus 68 and 101” (American Classical League Institute, 2004)

“Reception of Antiquity: a View from Russia” (Miami University Lyceum Lecture Series, 2003)

“The Tale of Two Cities: Ancient Rome and St. Petersburg of Osip Mandelshtam” (Havighurst Colloquia, 2003)

"Petronius Satyricon as an Example of genus mixtum" (CATC, March, 2003)

"Can the aurea mediocritas be Found? Teaching Classics in Russia and America" (OCC 2003)

"Joseph Brodsky's Classical Antiquity" (Havighurst Colloquia, 2002)

“The Spectacle of Genre in Petronius’ Cena Trimalchionis” (CAMWS 2002)

"The Fragment of Gallus from Qasr Ibrîm and the Extent of its Influence on Roman Love Poetry" (CAMWS 2001)


2000 – present, Miami University 

1998 - 2000 Bard College, New York

1992 - 1998 Columbia University

1990 -1991 Yerevan State University, Armenia

Classes Taught

First Year Seminar. Nostalgia: Past, Present, Future

Advanced Latin: Roman Love Elegy

Elementary Latin 

Elementary Greek

Intermediate Latin: Vergil's Aeneid, Eclogues

Ovid's Amores, Ars Amatoria

Intermediate Greek: Lysias and Plato

Homer's Odyssey

Oedipus Rex (Independent Study)

Roman Elegy (in translation)

Helen of Troy in Literature from Homer to Goethe (undergraduate seminar)

Greek Civilization in its Mediterranean Context

Classical Mythology (thematic sequence course)

Classical Mythology (honors course)

Roman Civilization

Greek Paleography and Textual Criticism (Independent Study)

Classical Tradition in Russian Poetry

Arts and Empire in Classical World and Russia

Roman Novel: Petronius and Apuleius

Greek and Roman Lyric Poetry

Literature Humanities: Columbia University Core Curriculum



April 1-3, 2004 "The Reel Russia: Cinema and Outsiders," eight speakers and their respondents with lectures on Russian cinema and its depiction of the "other."

March 28-30, 2003 "St. Petersburg and Russian National Consciousness," eight speakers and their respondents with lectures on St. Petersburg and Russian national identity.

March 18-22, 2002 "Reconfiguring the Humanities in the Post-Soviet World," six speakers and their respondents with lectures on the state of the humanities in post-Soviet Russia.

Co-organizer and organizer of nine national undergraduate conferences for the Department of Classics at Miami University.