Diederich Hahn

Welcome to www.diederichhahn.org. I have created this website to supplement my book manuscript, Creating the Political Man: Diederich Hahn and the Transformation of German Politics. Many of the links are not yet activated; as you browse through the site, thank you for your patience.

Diederich Hahn, 1910

Diederich Hahn was the most famous and controversial Agrarian radical in Wilhelmine Germany. A historian by training, Hahn was an archivist for the Deutsche Bank for seven years before his election to the Reichstag in 1893. From 1897 until his death in 1918, Hahn was the Director of the Bund der Landwirte, Germany's largest and best-organized special interest group. In this role, Hahn proved to be an agitator and organizational innovator of the highest order, leaving his imprint upon German rural politics long after his passing.

Although a very public man, writing Hahn’s biography has been difficult. When mutinous Matrosen sacked his home in 1919, they destroyed most of Hahn’s voluminous diaries and notebooks. The private papers that the Hahn family had turned over to the Bund der Landwirte (later Reichslandbund and Reichsnährstand) were destroyed by a series of disasters between 1934 and 1945. Hahn’s surviving papers - those that were not given over to the Bund - are housed at the Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv Stade. In the summer of 2008, I had the good fortune to visit Haneworth – Hahn’s estate– that is now in the possession of Heinz-Christian Gresens. Herr Gresens has beautifully restored the home and maintains it as a Gestüt.  See http://www.haneworth.de/. Projected completion of my biography is 2012.

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