Creating the Political Man: Diederich Hahn and the Transformation of German Politics 


Chapter Outline


Part One: The Education of a Liberal

Chapter One: True Son of the Heimat
Chapter Two: Hahn the Bismarckian

Part Two: Politics as Vocation

Chapter Three: Hahn the Agrarian (1893)
Chapter Four: An  Uncertain Start (1894-1897)
Chapter Five: Becoming the Political Man (1898-1902)
Chapter Six: The Election of 1903 as Paradigm

Part Three: Into the Sackgasse

Chapter Seven: Eclipse and Redemption (1903-1907)
Chapter Eight: Hahn's Indian Summer (1907-1912)
Chapter Nine: Haneworth (1912-1914)
Chapter Ten: Hahn the Warrior (1914-1918)