The Author

George Vascik is Associate Professor of History on the Hamilton campus of Miami University, where he teaches courses on Modern German and European history. A 1988 graduate of The University of Michigan, Vascik’s previous work has focused on 19th century German economic history, with a special interest in the Industrial Revolution. In the course of writing a biography of the prominent Agrarian politician Diederich Hahn, Vascik became interested in possibilities of GIS and spatial representation of political and economic data. He began this project in 2005 when he was asked to present a paper on the anti-Semitic continuities in the German agrarian movement. He collected data over several summers in the German archives, and is presently revising his manuscript Peasants and Jews: Anti-Semitism and Rural Politics in Northwest Germany for publication.

You can learn more about Vascik at his Miami University or his personal website.