With this GIS, it is possible to search and display election and census data in a variety of ways useful to researchers, teachers, and those interested in local history and the spread of political anti-Semitism.

The GIS displays election        The GIS displays election      The GIS is fully searchable
results and census material       results and census material     and provided the user with   
aggregated at the county          aggregated at the polling        on-line material relevant to
(Kreis),  constituency               place (Wahlort), sub-             each level of analysis.
(Wahlkreis), and admini-          county (Amt), and parish
strative district (Regierungs-    (Kirchspiel) levels that I          The GIS is fully integrated
bezirk) levels held by the          compiled from the reports      with geo-referenced historical
Institute for Social Research     in the local press and              and contemporary maps.
at the University of Michigan.  government archives.          

To use the GIS, chose a level of display/analysis from the left menu bar.
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