Peasants and Jews

Welcome to I have created this website to augment my book manuscript, Peasants and Jews: Anti-Semitism and Rural Politics in Northwest Germany.

            Peasants and Jews addresses the troubling conundrum of how the liberal political order that existed along Germany’s North Sea coast before the Great War was overturned as the rural population embraced National Socialism. Drawing upon material collected in 30 archives and culled from 37 newspapers, this study both clarifies and reassesses numerous shibboleths about the nature of rural politics and the growth of radical anti-Semitism.

            The innovative heart of this study is cutting-edge statistical and GIS technology. I have mapped, correlated, and analyzed election results and census data from 582 polling places between the Elbe and the Ems for the 14 national elections between 1893 and 1933. With this website, I hope to display the richness of my data and make more sophisticated micro- and macro-level arguments than would be the case within the confines of a paper text.

            An abstract of the book project and a precis of my findings is accessible by clicking on "The Project" in the top menu bar. Under "Papers", I have mounted links to the articles that I have written relating to this project as well the the texts, Powerpoint presentations, and maps of conference presentions relevant to the project.