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Teacher Opportunities

Education research has established a link between inquiry pedagody and increased student learning in science, yet often students are not afforded these experiences due to constraints of time, materials, and teacher comfort level with the nature of science. Opportunities in the Global Change Limnology Lab are designed to immerse teachers in the scientific process, enabling them to conduct their own research projects and helping them find ways to integrate their experiences in the classroom. Contact Dr. Williamson to learn more about the opportunities available to teachers.

Past Teacher Participants

Paula HoganPaula Hogan, a teacher at Lebanon High School, received a Research Experience for Teachers (RET) award from NSF to conduct paleolimnological work with the Global Change Limnology Lab during the summer of 2009. Paula identified cladocerans and copepods in sediment cores from lakes in the Beartooth Mountains and Glacier National Park to reconstruct past zooplankton assemblages. Looking at these patterns, as well as changes in the diatom community and trends in historic lake TOC, Paula worked to understand how changes in climate affected historic lakes species assemblages. As part of the RET program, Paula was able to travel to her alpine study lakes in Montana to assist with monitoring and collection of new samples for analysis. She also coauthored a paper in Hydrobiologia (Fischer et al. 2011) as the culmination of her research experience.