Craig Williamson
Global Change Limnology Laboratory

Undergraduate Students

Keiko WilkinsKeiko Wilkins joined the lab in 2015. During the summer of 2016, as part of a USS award, she studied the effects of hypoxia and anoxia on the abundance and vertical distribution of crustacean zooplankton within Lake Lacawac. After observing differences in the sensitivity of some species to anoxia in the lake versus the lab, she began to investigate the effects of hydrogen sulfide on the zooplankton living within the hypolimnion (bottom layer) of lakes. She is interested in doing marine biology research upon graduation.

Past Undergraduate Student Projects

Matt Meeks Matt Meeks assisted others with zooplankton research at Lake Lacawac and Lake Giles in Pennsylvania during the summer. While conducting research on Daphnia surface avoidance one summer, Matt observed an event where large numbers of Daphnia infected with a Saprolegnia fungus died at the surface of lake Giles. Since parasites have shown a sensitivity to UV, Matt set out to explore the UV sensitivity of other aquatic parasites including Pastueria and Saprolegnia.

Theresa Warner, a senior biochemistry major, investigated temporal changes in vertical profiles of dissolved oxygen in our Pocono lakes. The impact of climate change on temperature and dissolved oxygen in the water column has ecological consequences for many trophic levels from parasites to zooplankton to fish.