Cultural Influences on Russia's Musical Voice

The Sheremetev Palace (Fountain House) was erected in 1750-55 on land granted in 1712 by Peter the Great to his field marshal, Count Sheremetev. It was designed by Savva Chevakinsky, although there is a tradition that he made use of drawings by Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli, who is famous for having designed the the Winter Palace and the tsar's palaces at Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo (now Pushkino). It was occupied by the Sheremetev family until the Revolution. After 1918 it became the Museum of the Life Style of the Nobility, and later the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. In 1989 it became the property of the St. Petersburg Theatre Museum, and since 1991 it has been its branch, the Music Museum at the Sheremetev Palace. It houses 3,000 musical instruments and an international music center. The wrought-iron railings and magnificent main gate were designed in 1838-39 by I. Corsini.
The early photograph of the Sheremetev Palace is from Special Collections in King Library. It is part of a multi-volume portfolio of pictures of St. Petersburg, Istoricheskaia panorama Sanktpeterburga i ego okrestnostei. Moskva: Izd. T-va obrazovanie, 1911-[1914].
Barry Zaslow, Music Librarian, chose the musical selections and commented on Russian musical history.
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