As an art educator I strive to learn the best teaching practices regarding lesson plan creation and classroom management. Each lesson plan is tailored to a specific idea, grade level, skill level, multiple art standards, and often other integrated subject standards. Through multiple iterations and implementation, these lesson plans succeed in becoming valuable teacher resources.

Facial Proportions Pixel Portraits

Ridgeway Elementary Integrated Lesson Plan
Google Slides Presentation
Sequence Theme/Big Idea:Mathematical proportions and measurements
Grade Level: 6th grade
Integrated Subject: Mathematics
‚ÄčTime Frame: 1 class; 1 hour and 15 minutes

Lesson Overview: During this lesson 6th grade students will explore their own personal face proportions by folding a picture of themselves. Using this grid system students will understand the relationship between facial features, as well as how proportions relate to their face. Once they answer questions regarding specific mathematical expressions of proportional relationships, they will learn about pixels and create a 2-dimensional pixel portrait by pasting construction paper pixels over their own picture. Furthermore, they will also include a background design with the pixels based off of the principle of design, pattern.

Essential Questions:
  1. What are proportions and how do they relate to the face?
  2. How can we use a grid to understand facial feature relationships?
  3. What are pixels and how can we use them to represent a principle of design?

  4. PixelPortrait

    Miami Portfolio Museum Resource

    The Miniature to the Monumental Lesson Plan
    Lesson Theme: Freedom of Speech (1st Amendment): The Miniature to the Monumental
    Co-Teachers: Liza Torrence and Tara Hayes
    Grade Level: Beginning High School
    Medium: Sculpture and Photography
    Time Frame: 7 classes; 45 minutes each
    Integrated Subject: Social Studies


    Finding Balance

    Arts Integration Project Lesson Plan
    Google Slides Presentation
    Grade Level: 9-12
    Medium: Sculpture/clay
    Time Frame: 1 weeks (5 days)
    Integrated Subject: Physics
    Sequence Theme/Big Idea: Balance, Gravity, Force, and Human Form
    Adapted From: J. Paul Getty Museum. (2013). Art & science: A curriculum for K-12 teachers from the J. Paul Getty Museum. (pp. 75-81). Los Angeles, Calif: J. Paul Getty Museum.


    Inside Out

    Hot Topics Lesson & Demo Project Lesson Plan
    Grade Level: Middle School
    Medium: Painting
    Time Frame: 2 weeks (10 days)
    Sequence Theme/Big Idea: Identity and Image

    Girl Scout Leadership Conference

    Mask Making Lesson Plan
    Teachers: Emma Adams, Tara Hayes, Liza Torrence, Jaclyn Wood, Kenzie Due, Nebular Hou
    Grade Level: 6-12
    Lesson Title: Celebration of Self
    Time Frame: 90 minutes (15 our presentation, 60 for work, 15 for their presentations)
    Theme/Big Idea: Vision, Time Management, Inspiration regarding celebration/self-expression/identity

    Narrative: In this lesson, featuring inspiration, vision, and time management, students will be viewing various historical and multicultural exemplars for inspiration under the theme of celebration in order to create a mask. We will encourage them to implement their own vision of themselves that celebrates who they are as an individual.The students will share why they chose to make the mask they constructed and how it expresses their individuality.